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I just found out about this nifty blog-hop today. It involves sharing pictures of your creative space with your readers and other members of the link party thing. So, I did a quick straightening up of my craft room/office and took a couple of pics.

So, enjoy my somewhat cluttered space, check out the host over at My Desert Cottage, and maybe peruse some other entries!

As it stands right now, this is the view you’ll get when you walk into my office. That book shelf contains a small sample of my book collection, along with assorted jewelry boxes, stuffed toys, photos and the dust masks I need for cleaning, with a fair amount of my fabric stash in the section under the shelves. The chest peeking out from behind the TMNT blanket draped over my office chair has part of my yarn stash.

To the right of that book case is my sewing cabinet. This is such a great piece. It opens up to more storage underneath, and a place to sit in order to use the machine. It’s pretty cluttered, still, since I haven’t found a home for those books, yet, and that stack of clothing is stuff waiting to be mended or upcycled.

It’s been a busy, busy couple of weeks for me.

To the right of my sewing cabinet is a small stool with a few handmade blankets from assorted people in my family, and the doll my grandmother made me when I was about five. You can see the other cabinet in my room, which has more books, along with stock for my store.

I didn’t think to get a picture of that. Ah well.

The blue thing reflected in the window is a palates ball I occasionally use in place of my office chair.

And this is my writing/jewelry making desk. Again, rather cluttered, thanks to the ultra-craziness of the past couple of weeks. When I’m actually organized, the yarn-work on the corner usually isn’t there, and the binder is in use. The white board is for my daily to-do lists or brainstorming sessions.

It saves on paper, what can I say?

This hangs between the book case in the first picture and my desk. The bottom shelf is assigned mostly to things I refer to on a fairly frequent basis when writing, and assorted things I enjoy looking at. You can see the little gargoyle I made at CONvergence this year, hanging out with one of my fairies.

The bookshelf thing itself is a garage sale find.

This is my inspiration board. Years ago, when I finally first organized this room into something other than storage, I put the first version of this together. It has a bunch of quotes I find wisdom in, pictures of things that inspire creativity, like of my hubby, images of times past, thrift store finds and a hand drawn picture a friend did of one of my characters.

Again, those nifty wall candle holders are from either a thrift store or garage sale.

Working down, here’s my (sort of) jewelry making storage system and the two little TMNT key chains that didn’t sell at the art show last month. Poor Leo and Don. I’m sure you’ll find new homes soon.

A closer look at some of my works in progress. I just started that pink and purple striped thing today, while watching some Doctor Who. If all goes as planned, it’ll become a headband. The crochet goodies are coasters, pot holders and a small bag that need to be blocked.

That big blue binder is my world-building book for the series of novels I’m slowly working on.

You can also see my jar-o-Chinese-Lantern-Flowers, assorted stones and random beading materials. Again with the disorganization. I need to work on that.

Lastly, my view when I work on the computer.  I enjoy house plants, though I don’t have much luck with them. I forgot to water my poor little cilantro plant before leaving on Tuesday, and it was quite unhappy when I returned. We’ll see if I can save it. At least the mother-in-law’s tongue and African Violet are still happy.

Would anyone else like to share their creative spaces?

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  1. Hi, Carmen! Thanks so much. That board is one of my favorite parts of the room, because it's so easy to change around.

    I can't remember where I first got the idea, but the materials are all easy to come by. The board itself was a garage sale find, but cork boards and other collage-type-hanging-things (technical term) work, too. I either made or collected everything else. 🙂

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