Wire Wrapping Techniques – Sharks Teeth

Well, I was originally going to write up the second part to my dress alteration series, but since I’ve
somehow managed to delete all of my pictures, I’ll write a how to on wrapping shark’s teeth.

I’ve figured out how to wrap the teeth in two different ways: with wire wrapped around the tooth twice, and with wire wrapped around three times.

To wrap them, you’ll need the following:

  • A shark tooth, or more than one
  • Wrapping wire – the thinner 18 gauge (.7 mm) seems to be the easiest to work with. The silver wire pictured is 22 gauge, and it was quite a bit harder to mold than the 18 gauge. I also used the half-round wire, though round or square would probably work, too.
  • Round nose pliers, or something to wrap the loop around
  • Wire cutters

 First, cut around four to five inches of wire. Then, for both methods, hold the wire against the back of your shark tooth, with the end extending just a bit past the tip of the tooth.

Wrap Around Twice
Keeping the wire against the tooth, bend the long end down and over one side.

Terrible picture, I know. There’s a better one of this step later in the entry.

Continue the motion to wrap completely around one side of the tooth, then turn it around.

Cross the wire over the bent, shorter side, and bring it down over the other side.

Like the first side, continue to bring the wire around the tooth, until it’s sticking straight up from the top of the tooth.

This is where you’ll make your loop. Using either the round-nose pliers, a pen, or in my case, a fingertip as a guide to bend the wire forward in a loop.

One advantage to having tiny fingers.

You’re almost done! Next, bring the end that has been resting on the back of the tooth up, and wrap it around the base of the loop.

Once that end’s wrapped around, you can either wrap the excess from the longer end around for more reinforcement, or snip it off. I wrapped mine, since I always like adding reinforcement to my jewelry.

Wrap Around Thrice
As mentioned above, you’ll start this one in the same way as the twice wrap around method. You’ll then bring the wire around one side of the tooth, as above.

If you try this method, let some more wire hang down than pictured here.

Instead of wrapping the wire around the other side immediately, bend it back around the middle, over the wire held against the tooth.

Then, draw it around the front of the tooth.

 Bring it to the back of the tooth again.


Bring the wire into an upward angle, and draw it down around the unwrapped side, and loop it around to finish it in the same way as the wrap around twice method.

Wrapping shark teeth is pretty simple, once you get the hang of it. The only problem I tend to run into is under-estimating how much wire I’ll need.

That said, always err on the side of caution. You can always snip the excess off at the end, and use it for something else.

Below are some wiring products from one of the companies I’m affiliated with. If you need some supplies, and wouldn’t mind helping me out a bit, feel free to give these a try. They’re both a tiny bit thinner than the wire I used, but otherwise, they’re almost the same.

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