Wordless Wednesday – Costume Previews and Outdoor Shenanigans!

This week has been full of preparation for the upcoming convention and an extended period of time spent outside. Why not mix the two?

Galactic Hitchhiker. All I’m missing are the salted peanuts.

Fat little monarch caterpillar hanging out with our morning glories.
Punk female Raph costume! Gonna find some tights or something, since I think the leggings might be too hot.
I like shadows, especially when they make me feel tall.
Star Trek red shirt! My buddy made the dress and pin. I just need to take the dress in a bit and do some hemming. The brown thing is a tribble. If I can put a little extra time aside, I might make a little bag to go with this.
Lovely wildflowers.


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Costume Previews and Outdoor Shenanigans!”

  1. LOL Yeah, in today's world I think you're right. 😉

    The “Don't Panic” refers to the book and movie, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, though. The story revolves around an intergalactic hitchhiker named Ford Prefect who's a writer for the publication, “Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”. One of the identifying features of the guide is “Don't Panic” written in big, friendly letters on the cover. 🙂 Since I can't afford a tablet, which is a bit truer to the book, I just made a cell phone pouch, which will serve as my guide when I wear that costume. Oh, and the pajamas are in honor of the human character, Arthur Dent, who kind of got kidnapped by Ford when the Earth was demolished to make way for an interstellar highway (bypass/freeway/whatever you call it in your region).

    If you like off the wall British humor, I highly suggest the book. It's such a fun read! The 2004 movie had me rolling, too.

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