Workplace Safety

In addition to blog and fiction writing, I also write a bit of copy as well. This weekend, I was taking care of some rush stuff for a client, while my husband put in our window AC unit.

The topic at hand was OSHA and workplace safety, and as I was proofing the piece, I noticed my husband needed some help with something. So, I got up and…WHAM!

Rammed my knee directly into the (sharp) corner of our coffee table with my full weight.

Ouch, right? So, I helped the hubby out, and noticed it was already starting to swell up.

Shortly after I did it, as I took a break from icing it.

I began icing it as soon as I could, and was legitimately concerned that I had done some nasty damage to it. When I walked, it felt like it wanted to slip out of joint, though there was no pain when I put weight on it.

It was still a little swollen when I woke up this morning, but not as bad as it had been. Pretty colors, though.

Oh, yeah, that’ll be a nice ugly green for the convention next week.

So, let this be a lesson, kids. When writing about workplace safety, follow the advice you’re giving.

As for me, I’m set up in the living room and icing it a little more as I work.

Also thinking about sanding the corners of that stupid table down.

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