Works in progress? Why, yes! I have them!

In a stunning turn of events, I actually have works in progress to feature today! The last few times have been mostly finished works. Onward and…downward scroll we go?

You may recognize the purple coasters from Monday’s crochet basics entry. I’ll actually be using these pieces as illustration for a couple of other entries. I’ll probably end up putting them in my shop in July.

I still haven’t decided on if I want to leave that pouch as is, or if I want to add a strap and turn it into a purse.


And here’s the Star Trek dress! I just need to finish hemming the sleeves, and the alterations will be done.

This one’s been frustrating me. Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to working with fabric with this much stretch, but I’ve been struggling to use my sewing machine on it. Taking in the sides went well, as did hemming the skirt, for the most part, anyway.

When I got to the sleeves, though? Argh. The machine would start off smoothly, but suddenly decide it’s hungry and suck the cloth in. Thank goodness this fabric is so forgiving. I don’t know what the deal is, but I don’t have the patience to figure it out at the moment.

Once I finish the sleeves, I might make a small cross-body black purse to go with the dress, so I’ll have something to carry a few things in. We’ll see what my patience levels are like then.

I’ve also picked up the last of what I need for my other costumes! Yay!

Con is next week! Color me excited! Stay tuned for pics of awesome cosplays from this year.

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