Yay! Seed Starting!

As you may have ascertained from the subject, I’ve started some seeds!

Let’s see if anything grows.

Actually, I’m not sure how well they’ll grow, since they’re all over two years old. If they start growing, cool, and if not? I won’t be terribly upset.

Anyway, instead of heading to the store for a starter kit, I decided to go the DIY route. Stay tuned for a how to about the egg carton method and a tutorial try for the origami pot.

Right now, my sweet little African Violet and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue plants are taking a back seat to the seeds on my desk.

On sunny days, that’s the brightest, most accessible part in our house.

These egg containers are so convenient.

Here’s what I planted:

  • Purple Morning Glories
  • Thyme (I’ll keep whatever grows in a pot in our kitchen)
  • Mint (Again, for the indoor garden)
  • Parsley
  • Chives
  • Lavender
  • It took a couple tries, but I finally
    got the hang of that little pot.
  • Cilantro

When our coupon packet from the local newspaper comes again, I’ll probably make another one of  those little pots to start some red morning glories in.

Otherwise, the only thing I actually made this week was the comfort doll from that tutorial try from Wednesday.

A little goofy, but
still cute.

I’ve been yearning for spring a little too much to think a whole lot about making warm, cuddly things.

I’m afraid the changes in air pressure have been getting to me, too. It’s not much fun being a human barometer.

Anyway, no progress has been made with the basement remodeling, unfortunately.

Well, here’s to a new week next week, and here’s hoping for some warmer weather!

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