Yeah, so I, uh…cooked?

I also cleaned this week.

Also did a little bit of writing.

Can’t forget suffer terribly from allergies and asthma. Those are always fun.


Really gotta get working on my cosplay.

Speaking of which, I have an announcement! I’ll be a panelist on the following two panels at CONvergence this year –

How We Change the Stories We Tell About Disability


Writing While Female

Of course, I’ll be wandering around, begging pictures from awesome cosplayers to share with you awesome folks, too. As for now, I invite you to bask in the glory that was Wednesday night dinner.

#Homemade #ratatouille with s'ketti and meat sauce. #youknowyouwantsome #food

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This is the recipe I used, by the way. Very tasty.

Meat sauce was just sort of onions, garlic, salt, pepper, a bay leaf and parsley haphazardly thrown into ground beef and pasta sauce, cooked in a skillet.

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