Yule Tree, WIP and Cat

I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted to this week. I ended up with a respiratory bug and had some snow to shovel earlier this week, so I’ve been moving a little more slowly than usual.

I did get a start on an experimental garland that I may end up writing a how-to about, depending on how it turns out. So far, I have most of two snow flakes made.

This one’s turning out much bigger than I thought it would. Khan also almost claimed it as his own personal play toy.

There will be a clearer picture of this one in a future entry. I just couldn’t seem to get one of it for some reason this morning.

Otherwise, my crafting hasn’t been very exciting. I did manage to replace my first zipper last night. Hubby works outside, and the zipper went on his jacket. Why get a new jacket when it’s just the zipper that went?

Guess who helped pin it in place.

Hah! Hah hah! Hah. It wasn’t a good idea to attempt this while utterly exhausted. This is an extremely busy time of year for the hubby’s work, and since he works outside, I wanted to get the thing fixed for him before he had to leave this morning.

Removing the old zipper and pinning the new one in place went alright, exempting the ‘help’ from Khan the Kitty Konquerer, but it took a while to do.

By the time I had actually gotten to the sewing machine, it was pretty late, and I was very tired. It was ridiculously hard to sew in a straight line, and I ended up with the seam ripper again a number of times.

When the bobbin ran out of thread, I wanted to scream. I couldn’t, since hubby was already in bed at that point.

I got it done, though! It’s not the prettiest of jobs, but it’s functional.

Otherwise, I did finally get our tree up! Here, have a couple of pictures.

Yes, we have TMNT ornaments.

 I feel this picture demonstrates Leo’s personality nicely. He’s got the gift of arrogance confidence, but still doesn’t see himself as good enough. Raph’s just in the background, annoyed at the whole situation.

Woops. Did this Raphael fan just irritate some Leonardo fans? Teehee.

Laser eyes!

Adorable little monster lurking under the tree. If I get the garland made, there will be at least one full scale shot of the tree.

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